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eReal Estate Corp Agents Have the Highest Amount of Transactions Per Agent in the Industry. Enhance your business and Build Your Real Estate Portfolio.

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Jan Thomas, Broker & CEO.

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Dean Thomas, Realtor, Commercial & Investment Director




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What's Your Biggest Hurdle Right Now?

Do you get enough support from my current broker?

eReal Estate advocates and strives to create an environment of support and collaboration between our office staff and agents. Never feel alone again and receive the support of an experienced team with over 5 decades in the industry, weekly trainings provided.

Do You Get Leads Provided by Your Broker?

eReal Estate provides an adundant amount of leads from cold to hot leads that are ready to do business with you. All leads have phone numbers and emails to market to with our automated systems. Flood the pipeline and grow your business in 2019.

Are you overwhelmed but not enough business?

eReal Estate provides our agents with a multi-tool fully automated systems for prospecting and following up including multiple texts, multiple voicemails and email campaigns. That way, all you do is input a lead into our system once and focus the rest of your day on putting deals together!

Does Your Broker Offer Turn Key Solutions to Maximize Real Estate Production?
Does Your Broker Assist and Advocate Building a Personal Real Estate Portfolio

Our Business Principles

  • Accountability. For yourself and your work.
  • Strategy. Plan to succeed and succeed in your plans.
  • Competitive Spirit. Drives us to be the best.
  • Outreach. No stone unturned, No door unopened, No lead left behind
  • Individualism. Be yourself; proud
  • Team Work. No one is better than all of us
  • Integrity. Sets us apart

Just A Few of the Many Benefits at Our Company


Leads provided

eReal Estate Corp will provide you with specified data bases of property owner phone numbers, emails and addresses.


Digital Prospecting & Following Up

eReal Estate Corp assists in customizing social media marketing campaigns, including: Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms. We also provide websites for lead generation and dual tract CRM systems to maximize business.

Work With the Best

Combined Experience of Over 5 Decades

eReal Estate provides a team of experienced agents who support each other in a collaborative environment. 

Meet Our Founder, Dean Thomas